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"History +" is a popular science web-site providing information on
different scientific and cultural issues such as ancient medicine,
cultural anthropology and history, arts and philosophy.


Azerbaijan National Costumes

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The Medieval Azerbaijani costumes demonstrated by the artist and fashion designer Aida Makhmudova in the Shirvanshah Palace, Baku. Continue reading...

African Maasai People

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The Maasai are considered one of the most beautiful peoples of Africa because of their distinctive customs and dress.They are heardsmen and their way of life is close to the lifestyle of some Asian nomads. Continue reading...

Cult of Horse in Azerbaijan

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Since antiquity, the horse played a major role in the life of peoples inhabiting Azerbaijan. Horses were widely used by Scythians, Cimmerians and various Turkic tribes which inhabited steppes of Azerbaijan in ancient and medieval times. Continue reading...