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600th Anniversary of Nasimi

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In 2017 UNESCO will officially celebrate the 600th anniversary of the death of Nasimi (Sayyid ‘Imād-ad-Dīn), poet (1369-1417) (suggested by Azerbaijan with the support of Kazakhstan, Iran (Islamic Republic of) and Turkey). Nasimi (Imad-ad-Din) was born in Shamakha, Shirvanshah state (part of modern-day Republic of Azerbaijan). The great poet has left vast and precious poetic legacy in Azerbaijani, Persian and Arabic languages. His poetry has made a significant impact on the development of Azerbaijani as well as Ottoman Turkish poetic languages over the centuries. Continue reading...

Kurultaj: the Festival of Turkic Nomadic Culture in Hungary

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The spirit of the ancient Hun and Magyar warriors still lives in Hungary, the country which tries to maintain ancient traditions of nomadic culture. Continue reading...