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29 August 2016 | Author: admin
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On the top: Gözdeyer - the Evel Eye Daemon in "Kitab al-Bulhan" (right) and in "Matali al-Sa'ada" (left).

The pictures of Jinns (Daemons) from the manuscript "Matali al-sa’ada wa yanabi al-siyyada" by Seyyid Mehmet ibn Amir Hasan al-Suʿudi (Istanbul, 1582 AD), which is a translation into Turkish of the Arabic mystical treatise “Kitab al-Bulhan” (Book of Surprises) by Abu Maʿshar al-Balkhi (787-886 CE).

According to Stefano Carboni: “Two Turkish copies of the Kitab al-bulhan made at the time the were made in c. 1582, one for Aysha Sultan and the other for Fatma Sultan, both daughters of the Ottoman sultan Murad III (r. 1574–95). The manuscripts are today in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York and the Bibliot èque Nationale, Paris, and bear a title that can be translated as ‘The Ascension of Propitious Stars and the Sources of Sovereignty’ (Matali al-sa’ada wa yanabi al-siyyada). Both codices have been studied to some degree: the latter was published in Spain as a facsimile under the title ‘The Book of Felicity’ whereas Barbara Schmitz included the former in her catalogue of Islamic manuscripts in the Piermont Morgan Library. These two Ottoman copies represent the translation made by the well-known poet Seyyid Mehmet ibn Amir Hasan al-Suʿudi who was at the court of Murad III. It is mentioned in the introduction that he used an illustrated copy for his translation, which must be the Bodleian Kitab al-bulhan”. Source: Stefano Carboni

Below: Malik al-Ahmar (Red King) - the lord of Mars and Thursday.
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Below: Karabasan - The Nightmare Daemon (Jinn) in "Matali al-Sa'ada" (left) and in "Kitab al-Bulhan" (right). The text in Turkish version: "it is a magic heaviness, strongly compressing the human heart".
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