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Kurultaj: the Festival of Turkic Nomadic Culture in Hungary

30 August 2016 | Author: admin image 1

The spirit of the ancient Hun and Magyar warriors still lives in Hungary, the country which tries to maintain ancient traditions of nomadic culture. With this purpose they organize Kurultays – the frstivals of nomadic culture with many scientific-cultural events and spectacular views, such as horse racing, wrestling, fencing and archery. The festivals are attended by guests from Turkic countries: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan and others.

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Hungarians associate their origin not only with Ugric, but also with the Turkic peoples such as the Huns and Cumans. Attila the Hun is considered as a hero and his name is still very popular in Hungary.

image 1A certain part of the Hungarian ethnic group (Kuns) is derived from the Cuman Turkic people, and until the last century, they used Turkic language in everyday life.

Most of Cumans came in Hungary with Köten (Kotyan) – a Cuman military commander (khan) in the 13th century. At present, their descendants live in such historical provinces of Hungary, as Kunshag Small and Large Kunshag.

According to Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking Countries (TURKPA): “On the 11th August, 2016 Kurultaj - tribal assembly of the Hun – Turkic nations, which is organized by the Hungarian-Turan Foundation headed by eminent scientist Andras Zsolt Biro started its work and terminated in 14th August.

The start of the event was given at the parliament of the country - National Assembly of Hungary, where Mr. Sándor Lezsák, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, who is also eminent Turkologist welcomed the participants of the Kurultaj and hosted a grand reception.

Many representatives, members of parliament, officials, scholars and artists from the Turkic-speaking countries and communities as well as from other countries are taking part in the august gathering.

TurkPA Secretary General Jandos Asanov, who is participating on behalf of the Assembly met with Mr. Sándor Lezsák, Mr Andras Zsolt Biro and other persons.

Various interesting events within Kurultaj will be held in the village of Bugac, one of beautiful areas of the Hungarian steppe and will last for 3 days. The event warmly welcomes guests, especially from Hun-Turkic nations with whom Hungarians have many historical and cultural ties. The programme of Kurultaj includes scientific-cultural and nomadic sports events”.

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