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DNA research revealed that Native Americans came from Altai, Siberia

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An international team of researchers concluded that genetic birthplace of the first Americans is Altai. Approximately 25 thousand years ago, from there came the ancestors of Native Americans. Continue reading...

Geneticist George Church said he can create a neanderthal child

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The Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School declared he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA and resurrect the species which became extinct 33,000 years ago. Continue reading...

Shamakhi - a City on Silk Roads

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The Silk Roads – caravan ways from China to Europe – passed through the territory of the present-day Azerbaijan Republic.Namely the Silk Way contributed to development of cities in Azerbaijan. One of big cities, situated on the Silk Roads was Shamakhi. Now, Shamakhi is one of important administrative centers in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Continue reading...

Northmen in Caspian

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Until recently the question about presence of Northmen in the Caspian region during the 9th-11th centuries was not sufficiently investigated. To study this problem, a number of medieval chronicles in Persian, Arabic and Russian have been analyzed. Continue reading...